Thursday, June 5

You are His treasure: A Book of Letters from Your King

How you feel about yourself will never change God’s unconditional love for you . . . you are His Treasure.
On the days when it feels like a struggle to connect my heart to God's, I turn to His Treasure—a beautiful collection of letters from my King, a pattern of precious gems reflecting His love.  I love this book so much!  My ideal time with God is to read a bit of His word, along with a letter from this book, and then go outside and talk to Him either with the sunrise or under the stars at night.

When other people fall short, which they always will because no one is perfect but God--no friend, no man, no one--He reminds me that my worth is in Him and, no matter what, He treasures me and loves me.  He's been using this book to show me that again and again.
If you have ever struggled to find a way to connect your heart to your heavenly Father, His Treasure is the book for you.  I've tried quite a few devotionals but this one is my favorite.  Besides that it's written in such a way that God will touch your heart, it's an absolutely beautiful book, both inside and out.  It would also make a wonderful gift.  I've already got a few people in mind I want to give a copy to.  You can find His Treasure on Amazon as a hardcopy for about $9 or as an e-book for $6.  Enjoy and be blessed!
This book was read as part of Tyndale's Summer Rewards Program. Join here and earn free books!  

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