Monday, June 30

"Bridge to Haven" New, Incredible 1950s Historical Fiction from Francine Rivers

"Bridge to Haven" tells the story of Abra, lovely but wounded.  As a baby, she is abandoned under a bridge where the local preacher finds her.  He and his wife adopt her, even though he has misgivings--his wife's health isn't good and he doesn't think she can handle the demands of a baby... then a toddler... then the high-spirited little girl Abra becomes.  Her adopted mother dies and her daddy gives her away to some family friends.  My heart broke for Abra.  After some time, the only daddy she ever knew doesn't even seem to want to see her anymore!  Later, as the story unfolded, I was on the edge of my seat as I turned every page.  I was gripped with Abra's life as she searched for love and approval from everyone.  She put herself on a pedestal, she sought perfection, she tried to please those closest to her to earn their love. 

As a teenager and later as a young woman, Abra doesn't feel at all like she belongs in her small town of Haven.  She ends up in Hollywood, pursuing stardom, living a life giving into any temptation she feels like giving into, essentially trying to fill her heart with something... anything... anyone... who might be able to fill it.  After she ends up burning every bridge back to Haven, she realizes she wants to go back but it seems impossible.  The story is riveting and, in the end, it has such a message of hope!  In my own life, I recently made quite a mess of a certain something but God has been filling my heart with hope just as He showed Abra in this story--hope that He can somehow turn the mess she made into some part of His beautiful plan, and the truth that He can replace "sorrow and shame" with "everlasting joy" (Isaiah 61:7).  Abra seemed real, I loved her, she felt more like a "friend" than most book characters I've met, and reading her story was a blessing to my heart.

I enjoyed this book so much!  Read it!!

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