Sunday, June 1

Battle for Cannibal Island: Great Historical Kids Fiction... and an Adventures in Odyssey Announcement!

We've been reading the most recent 2 books in the Imagination Station series, Battle for Cannibal Island (yes, CANNIBAL Island, which is the story of an incredibly brave Christian missionary who cared more about seeing cannibals in Fiji saved than about his own life) and Escape to the Hiding Place which is the amazing story of Corrie Ten Boom. Receiving this last book in the mail was incredibly timely--the day before we'd just finished listening to the audio book "The Hiding Place" on the way back from a roadtrip. (By the way, if you've never read about Corrie Ten Boom, get your hands on the movie "The Hiding Place". It's an amazing, inspiring true story filled with miracles and God's grace.)

Each book in this series features two kids, Beth and Patrick, as the main characters who end up on historical adventures where they meet knights in shining armor, pilgrims, Egyptians, you name it. The books have mystery, real faith, and adventure. These books are are written at a 2nd grade reading level, but even I was captured with the stories! Definitely page turners--each one. And each one makes you want to research the true history deeper. My kids love history! And these books are part of the reason why.

As a homeschooling mom, I use these as part of my history curriculum. Yes, historical fiction may be a bit unorthodox, but it grabs my children's interest, real-life characters are featured in these books, and the authors stick as close to possible to real life events as can be expected with 2nd graders historical fiction. This is my favorite series for this age level and I couldn't recommend it more highly! Kind of like Magic Treehouse but MUCH better!

Stay tuned--I've been selected as an Odyssey Adventure Club Blogger by Litfuse Publicity and will be giving you some exciting info in the next couple weeks!  So stay tuned and be sure you follow Our Bookshelf via e-mail so you don't miss out.

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