Wednesday, June 25

The Best Summer Reading Programs of 2014... for Kids AND Adults!

Backyard Horses Series, Tyndale Summer Reading
Tyndale's Summer Reading Program: This one is for both children and adults.  For every 5 books you read and review, you get to choose a new book from their list as a prize.  This is in addition to Tyndale Rewards, which is another way to earn free books this summer.  Their summer reading program runs through August 31st.

Historical Fiction, Tyndale Summer Reading

Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading:  This one requires kids to read eight books an then make a short recommendation on each one.   They can then turn in their completed Summer Reading form at a store and choose a free book from that store's selection.  This program runs through September 2nd.  We've participated for the last 4 years and love it! 

1st and 2nd Grade Prizes for Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program 2013

Chuck E Cheese:  Your child can keep track of their reading through one of the rewards calendars.  Once they've completed two weeks of reading he or she can submit the completed Chuck E Cheese calendar for 10 free tokens!

Bob Jones University: Children ages 4 – 17 can participate in this fun program.  You determine the goal which can be to read for a select number of minutes or number of pages on a daily basis.  Once they've completed their goal, you submit the completion form online by August 19th.  Prizes are awarded for completing the program while supplies last.

Your child will also be entered to win one of nine Summer Reading Tote bags filled with JourneyForth Books (3 for each age group).  They might also win the grand prize – a Kindle Fire!

If you know of another summer reading program I've missed, let me know!  Happy Reading!


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  2. did not know Chuck E Cheesw did this..