Tuesday, July 19

It Couldn't Just Happen: Knowing the Truth About God's Awesome Creation!

This textbook-like Creation Science book is a must-have for any Christian wondering about evolution and the reliability of God's word.  Contrary to what seems to be popular belief in some Christian circles, you cannot believe both the bible and Evolution.  The bible teaches that sin brought death into the world--before humans sinned, there was no death.  But in order for Evolution to be true, something had to die to create something else... and secular Scientists will tell you that for billions of years, numerous things died before humans even existed.

This book goes into pretty much everything you need to know about Creation Science and why Evolution isn't true (I'm not talking about natural selection--that's not Evolution at all & no Creation Science advocate will tell you otherwise.)  "It Couldn't Just Happen" is appropriate to kids from around 4th grade through adulthood.  It's 234 pages delve into a variety of topics including the universe and its origins, the geologic column, Darwin's Origin of Species, intelligent design, and so much more.  I believe that every Christian and anyone else for that matter who wants to understand what Evolution's really all about should own this book. 

At the end of each chapter, there are great discussion questions.  These aren't questions that have a right or wrong answer but are thought provoking questions that aim to challenge the reader & get them thinking.

The retail price is $14.99 but it's 50% off at Amazon at only $7.87... and if you're a mom and sign up for Amazon Mom for free you can get free 2-day shipping. 

The incredibly awesome people at Thomas Nelson blessed me with this book in exchange for a thoughtful and honest review.

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  1. This looks like an amazing book....I definately want my children to read this.