Saturday, June 2

Unplanned: An Amazing, True-life Story of God's Grace & Faithfulness

Unplanned, written by former Planned Parenthood leader Abby Johnson, is an absolutely amazing true story! You might have heard bits and pieces about Abby on the news in the past, but her story is so much deeper than any news snippet.

In Abby's words:

"What I have told people for years is a lie. What if I'd known... and what if I'd told all those women?"  As a Planned Parenthood leader, Abby Johnson thought she was helping women in crisis.  She was about to learn the truth.  And facing the secrets of her past would be the toughest truth of all.

Unplanned is a pro-life story that will touch your heart!  The realities this book talks about are tough truths, but if Abby faced them, so can we.  It's very eye-opening and touching.  In the movie, those "tough truths" are surrounded by God's obvious intervention in Abby's life, truly amazing graced, and heart-rending stories of change. I believe every American, especially every American woman, should see!  Unplanned is also a DVD.  I've watched it and shared it with numerous people.  If you don't have time to read the book, I definitely recommend the movie.  It's very, very powerful.

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