Wednesday, June 6

"Peril in the Palace" from Adventures in Odyssey is AWESOME Kids History!

"Peril in the Palace" grabbed our interest from the first and it's full of great cliff-hangers!

This book takes place in 13th century China and is actually the 3rd book in the Imagination Station series from Focus on the Family. This book is about real-life explorer Marco Polo and Chinese emperor Kublai Khan.  The cover itself  gives an accurate description of the book: 2 kids, Beth and Patrick, end up going back to around AD1200 and getting mixed up in a perilous  adventure. "Peril in the Palace" delves into the Mongol history of China, the golden tablet of Kublai Khan and so much more... but you'll have to read it to find out the "more"!

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You can also get Imagination Station books for free by participating in Tyndale's Summer Reading Program!

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