Thursday, May 3

The Founders Key: Every American Should Read!

Maybe you've read the title and you're wondering "What is the founders key?" From the book:

The genius of the United States of America may be found in the cooperation of all the causes that bring government into being.  There is a set of principles that locate man in his place in nature, above the beasts and below God. There is a people, living upon a vast land, responding to the call of those principles to form the first self-governing nation in history.  There were some statesmen, aware how unusual were their capacities, determined to use them for the rights of all.  They wrote a Constitution that the people adopted to become the most enduring and successful in history.  Because all these causes must cooperate to produce freedom and justice that we have enjoyed for so long, all of them must be preserved or all of them will be lost. 

Because the principles that our country serves , and the institution by which is serves them, have a beauty hardly matched in all history, they sound a call that all can answer.  In their attraction and in our response is the hope for a free people.  That is the Founders' key.

The Founders Key, the book, is a short, important read on "the divine and natural connection between the Declaration and the Constitution and what we risk by losing it."  The book itself is only 123 pages and goes into depth about:
  • Man's proper place in nature, above beasts and below God
  • Explains (better than I've ever read it explained before!) what "all men are created equal" really means.
  • Provides a definition of "rights" and their origin.
  • Recognizes that the Declaration and Constitution are born of the same principle, and why we need them both together.
  • Reveals the origins of the Progressive intellectual movement and how it actually threatens our liberty
Part II of the book includes foundational documents every American should read: The Constitution, The Declaration, and a selection of The Federalist Papers.  Definite must read!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Thomas Nelson for providing me with this book to review!

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