Monday, August 29

My Awesome God Bible Storybook

I get pretty excited about new bibles and the My Awesome God Bible Storybook from Discipleland is definitely awesome.  The illustrations are nice and colorful.  It includes a great index at the end so you can easily find stories associated with a theme you want to teach your little ones from like "Who God Is," "What God is Like," and "What God Does."  Each bible story is just a couple of pages and includes:

  • Character Traits about God like "God is generous," ""God strengthens us," "God is awesome," and lots more.
  • Big Ideas that explains how the Bible story reveals God's character.
  • Questions that encourage kids to talk about bible truths.  My little guy is very excited to have his "own" bible.  He had a "baby" bible but he's taken it a step up with this one. 
One thing I noticed and loved right away about this bible is that it includes a lot of great stories you don't usually find in children's bibles.  For example, it tells about Gideon, Joash, Hezekiah, and Josiah, along with a lot of very important people who did awesome things for God.  This little kids bible actually inspired me to dig deeper into God's word and to write my latest devotional story, Jochebed's Baby.

The people who created My Awesome God Bible Storybook wrote it so that "your kids will delight in knowing more and more about the Lord of the universe."  That's pretty awesome!

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