Tuesday, April 26

A Collection of Wednesdays, A Passionate Read!

Each of us waits, like the sleeping Juliet, to be awakened by our Lover's compassionate kiss, to be awakened by a Lover who has already died and lives now to love us.  I am a believer in this Lover.  I too wait for Him to come and awaken me.  I believe in Him with passion... I decided... that I would be a person who lives with passion, and that I would allow God Himself to be the fuel of that passion.

So ends the first chapter of Miss Amy Gaither Hayes' new book, A Collection of Wednesdays: Creating a Whole from the Parts.  This book stirred my heart from the beginning.  Not only do its pages contain thought-provoking, heartfelt anecdotes but beautiful literary poems also grace those pages.

While working towards my Associates degree in Creative Writing, I took two poetry classes.  I'm not at all a poet, but my brother was and I sincerely appreciate great poetry.  If you aren't familiar with literary poetry you may have a hard time reading Miss Hayes'.  It doesn't rhyme, though it does have rhythm.  It's more like trains of thought.  I love her poetry; it spoke to my heart many times and flowed so well with the stories in her book.  The devotionals and memoirs in the book were also very eloquently written at times and often seemed a bit like poetry themselves.  The author writes about ordinary things but shows us how precious those everyday things really are.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not easily impressed by modern books.  I've read too many eloquent authors whose works have fed my soul and changed my life to be able to enjoy "just anything."  But within the first few pages of A Collection of Wednesdays, my eyes misted as my heart was touched by the words and by God.  Miss Hayes is a woman after my own heart and I hope to see more from her.  If you like to read memoirs, poetry, love Jesus (or want to), and long to be a more passionate woman in every aspect of your life, you won't be disappointed in this Collection.

I was blessed with this book by the wonderful people at Zondervan to facilitate a thoughtful and honest review.

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