Wednesday, January 16

An Angel By Her Side: A Heaven on Earth Novel

I so loved this book!  It was a very different take on Amish fiction.  It included endearing Amish life along with angelic intervention.  Angels seem to be a theme for me lately seeing that I recently blogged about an angel picture book for children.  You can still win a copy of that book here.

This book features our heroine, Katie Bender, whose fiance died in a tragic accident along with her hope of ever again finding love.  She has a gift of teaching so she embraces that with all her heart.  Things seem to be going along for her, nice though monotonous, until one day when there is a tornado in her little town of Hope Falls.  A handsome stranger comes to her rescue and then the real story begins....

I very highly recommend An Angel by Her Side, along with the Heaven on Earth Novels by Ruth Reid.  It was an enchanting, feel-good read, and I really liked the deeper spiritual meaning behind the characters choices.

You can pick it up at Amazon for about $10--the cost of a movie but much longer entertainment value.  ;)  And you can read an excerpt of the book here.

Thanks to the awesome people at Booksneeze for providing me with this book to review!

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