Wednesday, August 8

Almost Amish: A balm of truth filled with heartwarming conviction

One woman's quest for a slower, simpler, more sustainable life...

I this book! I borrowed Almost Amish from a friend last week and, though fiction it may be, I couldn't put it down! The message of the book is both purely Christian and purely green. No, those two are not incompatible; quite the opposite! After all, we're living on God's beautiful, amazing creation. Shouldn't we cherish it? 

Almost Amish is a simple, realistic guide to becoming “almost Amish” in whatever areas of life you choose. Reading it brought some heartwarming conviction to my soul, and didn't leave me there (thank goodness!). The author gives numerous, doable examples of changing your life and the lives of those around you for the better. 

Almost Amish isn't pushy but is a helpful balm of truth that centers on these ideas:

Homes: Homes are simple, uncluttered, and clean; the outside reflects the inside.
Technology: Technology serves as a tool and does not rule as a master.
Finances: Saving more and spending less bring financial peace.
Nature: Time spent in God's creation reveals the face of God.
Simplicity: Small and local leads to saner lives.
Service: Service to others reduces loneliness and isolation.
Security: The only true security comes from God.
Community: Knowing neighbors and supporting local business build community.
Families: Family ties are lifelong; they change but never cease.
Faith: Faith life and way of life are inseperable.

The author, Nancy Sleeth, has a delightful, personable writing style. Besides all the tips that she's gleaned from her own lifestyle changes, she's also included some of her favorite recipes. I especially can't wait to try the Homemade Cinnamon Rolls recipe. This morning as I scrambled eggs and bacon, my hubby asked me, “Aren't you going to make those Amish cinnamon rolls, too?” Too bad we're out of yeast! ; )

I was inspired to read this book as part of Tyndale's Summer Reading Program which runs through August 31st.  There's still time for you to join up and earn a free book or 2!

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