Tuesday, December 27

When the Soul Mends

When the Soul Mends is sweet Amish fiction that makes nice, light reading.  This is the first book I've read by Cindy Woodsmall; the characters and their stories quite captivated me.  I read it quickly.  If you're interested in the Amish people, of the way they live, believe, and in the differences between Amish and Mennonites (it's all very interesting, I think!) then you'll like this series. 

Yes, this book is actually third in a 3-part series entitled Sisters of the Quilt.  While I didn't read the first two books in this series, I wasn't at all lost in this one.  The author gave the perfect amount of backstory. 

In When the Soul Mends, the heroine, Hannah, is torn between the Amish world and the "Englisher" world.  For heart-breaking reasons that were completely out of her control, she had been shunned years earlier.  Something brings her back and she finds forgiveness and healing.  Honestly, at many points in this book, I didn't exactly like her.  She had her flaws, like all of us do, and at the end of the story, she changed into someone I admired. She also chose the man I wanted her to choose, so that raised her up in my estimation.  ; )  If you like light, inspirational reading, I wholeheartedly recommend When the Soul Mends.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Waterbrook Multnomah for providing me with this book!


  1. Me too! My fave Amish author right there!

  2. I have the whole series ;)