Thursday, June 9

The Most Wonderful Book Drawing Series for Every Child!

I recently discovered Miss Freddie Levin's 1-2-3 Draw Series and  my daughters absolutely love it.  We received the book 1-2-3 Draw Princesses to review and after seeing how easy the step-by-step directions were to follow and how whimsical the little princesses were, we wanted to try more from the series.  We were excited to find the book 1-2-3 Draw Horses at our local bookstore and my little artist Milena couldn't 
wait to get home and start drawing!

These books are not just about drawing, either.  I found myself reading through 1-2-3 Draw Princesses and getting more interested by the page.  You see, many of the princesses in this book are real princesses who lived in ancient History including Nes Amu, Princess of Ancient Egypt; Eleanor of Aquitane, Princess of France; Jahanara, Princess of India; and Nzinga, Princess of Africa.  Miss Levin gives a short description of each of these princesses along with her step by step instructions for drawing them.  Art combined with History is such a plus for me! 

While I love all of those historical princesses, my favorite just might be the Reading Princess, complete with a Book List of great princess stories--what a perfect touch for the end of this book!

Speaking of pluses, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Freddie Levin has also written the funnest Math book ever!  My children had so much fun learning with Draw Plus Math.  This book is perfect for children in Kinder and 1st Grade and teaches everything from shapes to addition to subtraction to fractions... the list goes on!

If your kiddos love to draw or would like to learn how, please do check out Freddie Levin's wide selection of 1-2-3 Draw titles on Amazon.  There are so many wonderful titles there's sure to be something to peak your little ones interest!  

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  1. My kinderkids would love these!